Deneb study is formed by a multidisciplinary team with the philosophy of proposing solutions where design and utility prevail. The team provides solutions where technical characteristics such as artistic and practical characteristics of each project are as important.

Deneb study is characterized by maintaining a continuous process of learning and research new techniques, materials and designs; solutions therefore different, innovative and creative solutions to the problems and needs of each client.

The work methodology is based on a close collaboration with the client, whether individual, company or institution; ensuring therefore that the idea and creativity provided at the beginning of the project is reflected in its execution and completion.


Basic and execution projects for the construction of a new plant. Reform projects, Rehabilitation Projects. Extensions of existing buildings. Implementation of BIM methodology.

Projects of industrial buildings. Calculation of metal and concrete structures. Machinery design

Interior design
Decoration projects Distribution projects Space equipment Corporate images.




Mónica Martínez Vicente, architect and designer specialized in ‘Funeral emotional architecture’ creator of MEMOORY. It presents a collaboration with the company Mármoles Pedro Lifante for the development of funerary designs of gravestones, monuments, tombs and pantheons in cemeteries with a contribution of positivism and topicality, highlighting the elegance and possibilities of Pedro Lifante marble materials.

A good combination to introduce changes that make us more aware that the end of life is natural. They combine technique with originality, experience with creativity and professionalism with innovation in a sector little explored or stuck in the past.

‘If each of us is unique and unrepeatable, our eternal rest should also be. ‘

Catalog of 12 MEMOORY designs for niche tombstones in cemeteries made with Pedro Lifante marbles