Kosmus is a marble coming from Brazil, it is a greyish black aged mirror whose silver reflections make it ideal for beautify interior spaces, providing a luminous and vibrant touch.


This granite is an authentic beauty thanks to its intense palette of colors by iridescent, a halfway between blue and intense black. The pearl becomes the protagonist in luxurious furniture and decorative environments.


Unique in its kind, it presents an intense blue and striped greys, crossed by white veins of feldspar. Sodalite is considered a luxury stone due to its difficult location in the deposits of Brazil, Russia and South Africa.


This quartzite from Brazil is used mainly for coatings for interiors and flooring. It was originated by the crystallization of sandstones so it is a very consistent material.


This crystalline orange colour with a semiprecious background makes its aesthetics and tone of colour an ideal bet for the design of spaces. It is a very distinguished material between architects and designers when we talk about natural stone.


This Mexican stone is distinguished by the veteran drawing in reddish and brown tones, that forms concentric rings throughout the entire board thanks to the inclusion of iron and manganese.


Unparalleled intense mix of reddish, cream and greyish tones, with a black, rust and white veining with dramatic and wide movements. This stone elevates visually any project.


The colour of the onyx is rarely uniform, so light and dark materials are alternated in the same field. It is very frequent find Brown veins or reddish brown spots, due to the presence of iron oxide.


It maintains a high value for its characteristic bright white background with marked black veins. White Larissa is found exclusively in some quarries near the Pietrasanta region in the Apuan Alps of Tuscany, Italy.