A material in which the details do not leave you indifferent. The general reddish tone is fragmented into curvilinear veins of yellows, whites and blacks; drawing a whole range of warm tones and creating a unique piece in each cut.


The primeval origin of the Earth is reflected in the layers that overlap the surface of this marble. Millions of years have formed a stone of spectacular appeal that only the action of nature could achieve.


This quartzite stone is used in several types of applications and comes from Brazil. The impressive play of colours between reds, greys and blues is due to the primary state of oxidation of iron in natural rock.


Predominantly the dark gray color reduced by the irregular pattern of white streaks that give it a very striking dynamism and texture. Ideal for wide interior and exterior rooms for its uniformity of color


The walnut travertine is a non-uniform brown sedimentary rock. For both modern and classic furniture, the tones and appearance of this travertine combine perfectly, creating very different spaces.


This marble from China is unique in its color range and for its use in the history of construction and oriental art. Its intense green tones make it an ideal piece to contrast with more smooth and discrete materials.


Onyx honey is a yellow Iranian mineral veined in lilac and gray tones. It is an ideal rock if you want to give a tonality of colors to the place where it is going to be installed, combining perfectly with all types of furniture.


The excellent black onyx is a very rare natural stone in the world and each sheet offers whimsical and exotic colors. It is a material for very demanding tastes but capable of providing the stay with a unique and exclusive touch.


Thanks to its homogenous gray tone, it is used in indoor and outdoor environments. It is a very versatile material because it can also be used in tabletops, floors, walls, among others.


This material of Greek origin is unique in its grayish and elegant design, being perfect to contrast with very bright and smooth interiors. In addition, it is a fundamental piece of classical art.