Originally from Greece, its discreet and homogeneous design is perfect for interior decoration of walls, floors and countertops that seek to highlight the lighting of the room. It is a high quality material and one of the most used.


It is a fine-grained white dolomite marble characterized by its uniformity. Its almost snowy white recalls its Greek origin where it dazzles with the luminosity it brings. In short, it is a material of an extraordinary purity and contrast.


Being one of the oldest materials due to its geological origin, it is a very fine natural stone with an homogeneous whiteness broken by soft veins of grey color, resulting from impurities of clay, silt, sand and quartz.


With its grey base with light beige and cream veins, it is a stone extracted in Greece and is especially good for outdoor use: walls, countertops, mosaics, fountains, lining for swimming pools and stairs.


A white marble of high quality that can be sawed to the contrary with a very compact grey or pink linear veining, or in favor with a very nice and open shading. Ideal for floors and interiors.


The Nestos grey marble is a natural stone with greyish tones. One of its main qualities is that it allows to create wide luminous and homogeneous surfaces forming spaces of great beauty.


Similar in color and veined to Spanish White Macael, it is characterized by a greyish white background with grey linear veins. Working the piece with a sawing to the contrary, you get a very original and unique veining in natural stones.


Originally from Greece, its very fine grain composition gives it a whiteness and homogeneous pattern have turned it into one of the most used stones in sculpture and classic decoration.


It is the most appreciated beige marble in the world due to the refinement of its tonalities and the discretion of its natural veins. It is extracted mainly in Monte El Coto, Pinoso (Alicante, Spain).


A more homogeneous quality of the Ivory Cream. Its polished finish brings a high gloss to the stone and it has the advantage of enlarging the spaces visually and giving them a great luminosity.


The use of Crema Marfil Commercial has no limitations: interior floors, wall coverings or bathroom countertops, etc; highlight its special charm for all audiences and decorative styles.