Being leaders since 1990

Mármoles Pedro Lifante is a Murcia company with more than 25 years of experience. Our growth and international projection as a marble factory in the Natural Stone sector is the result of years of experience.

Always satisfy the needs of our customers. For Mármoles Pedro Lifante each project is a challenge in which we try to transform the Natural Stone into the best pieces of architecture. We create exclusivity in each project. The most important thing for our marble factory in Murcia is the satisfaction of our customers. Each new client is a friend and each new job is a challenge. Our perseverance, discipline and organization at work is the secret of our success.


We are distinguished by our experience and we like that our work speaks for itself. Each project is unique and exclusive in our marble factory in Murcia.

For us the opinion of our clients is very important so they will be part of their own project with the help of a team of highly qualified professionals trained by architects and technicians, with great experience in the development and execution of works. We like that our clients are at our side, making each project to suit them.